Saturday, November 24, 2007


This is our group. Doug, Connie, Keith & Vickie Cutler, Ash, Justin, Angelique, Eleesa Jorgensen, Mary Merrill, Doreen Slaugh, Eugene & Joyce Curtis, then behind, Carolyn Wycherly, Judy & John Gustafson, Robert Schafer, Frankie Stevens, Erva Fredericksen, Jean Heslop, Venice Hammond, Rachael Jones Anderson, Blake Allen, Dan Wycherly, Joy & Ken Patterson, Kris & Phil Cramer, Elisabeth Schafer, Lois & Larry Anderson, Darlene & Ken Adams, Back Joe & DeAnne Wiberg, Ina Young, Jeff & Crystal Wiberg at Guatemala City Museum.


mumovearls said...

I didn't realize how many people were going from ML. Love and miss you!-nena

Tom Earl said...

Man I have thought about you guys everyday! This has been a great weekend! Go BYU! Can't wait to go back with you guys!!!

Kristine said...

It was a great trip!!! So glad we went!