Friday, February 22, 2008

Canto Grande

So Armando, Connie and I are giving a training session in Canto Grande today to work specialists and the Canto Grande Institute people and I know that I know one of the people there. Finally it came to me and I asked Pedro (the man 2nd on right) what his name was. He said Pedro Rodriquez. I said to him. Weren't you one of my missionaries because he had said nothing. He said, "yes for 8 days." Actually it was for a couple of weeks, but he was my first missionary to go home from the mission and I gave him his exist interview. We took lots of pictures. The spirit was with me. Also, we had been going since early and we were hungry and I mentioned it to Armando and he said: "Not to Worry" All of a sudden we came up to a McDonalds out in the middle of one of these wild barrio places.


ashleyboice said...

that play place looks sweet....i can't believe how different Peru is just by looking at a couple of pictures. WOW. I love Peruvians.

mumovearls said...

yah why don't we have McDonald's here that look like that? Wow that is Sweetness! that's kida of funny about the elder!-nena