Friday, March 21, 2008

Earthquake Relief

When Ica, Chinca and Pisco had the huge earthquake last year, with some 3000 people killed, several americans came down here and set up a group to rebuild 400 houses. Bro Layton (ex mission president from Palymra New York) and several of his friends are down here building houses. They go back and forth to the U.S. They are amazing. Jose Aleson, our welfare director for the country, and his family live by Molicentro where we used to shop in a fantastic house. They are in our ward. When I first got here he came to me and said my assignment was being changed to 1/2 Welfare. I had been down here 4 days, but I told him no. Since then he has been courting me and he is a great guy. We will see if I end up helping them some. Maybe, if I can get PEF in a better place. Great meal.


vjc said...

I love hearing about the good works going on. I admire those people just taking it on and doing the work. Helping others all the while.
I like his approach to you. I bet we hear more of them.

ashleyboice said...

i thought...that looks like the openshaw's house. I told Cali and she agreed.

Mary Z said...

Let me introduce myself...Mary Zollinger (husband Jeff) in Rexburg Idaho. I was just looking at links via Roberta Boice who is my neighbor. We travel to South America every six weeks to do NRT training. We frequently meet and work with Jose Aleson. There is no finer person. We love to see him. You would love working with him. We love the welfare program, serving as part time missonaries. I also see you know someone in Huancayo. We taught there once and have never been able to get a follow up report. Have lost all connections there. If you think you know someone who could help let us know.