Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4 Missionaries in Arequipa

Dember Mercado (1st Counselor Stake Presidency), Oscar Rivera (Bishop), Georginia Fernandez Mercado (wife of the Counselor) and Rossio Hernandez (professor in the University) are four of my many missionaries in Arequipa that we saw this weekend. On the board behind them is the list of missionaries in the field from this stake. The stake president is Rossio's brother Juan, and the other brother Herbie is in Israel. Their father took us to the plane Sunday after Church.

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Julio & Alina said...

Now that you're showing pictures of your missionaries, was Veronica chuctaya yours too? It just tipped my mind... she must be living in Lima, had two kids, married to a member of our ward in there.
It must bring back so many wonderful memories to see these people and then, seeing them still active and faithful, more awsome!!