Sunday, April 27, 2008

Plaza de Armas

The city of Lima has removed all of the street businesses and has remodeled the downtown. It is lovely. We went down there and spent the day. It is the first Saturday we have had off in three weeks. Jeff got us tickets home with my mileage for the Earl Reunion. HORRAY!! It will take a lot of help from my kids to pull it off.


mumovearls said...

anything you need for the the reunion? let me know I can help.-nena

Earl Family said...

Yay!! Great news. Can't wait to see you. Let me know what needs to be done.

Berta said...

Hi Doug and Connie!
What a great experience you're having there. I've been dropping in to 'see how you're doing' for quite some time now. I really enjoy your pictures of the area and all your experiences! Thanks for sharing.
Luv - Ro'BERTA'
In the FROZEN north country, USA