Friday, May 30, 2008

4 MORE in One Day

We go for a few days without seeing a new missionary and then yesterday I have 4 missionaries come to the office. Miguel Eulogio came in November 1988 when Mike was born and is named Miguel so he knew all the kids and asked about them. He has 4 kids, lives in Lima and is a SS teacher, super active. Fredrico Rosas showed up at the offices because he got transferred from Ica and works for the Church. He was in the bishopric there. Then Miquel Flores showed up with his wife. He came right at the end, but was really excited to see us. They live in Lima and he is putting together a Fireside in Maranga stake where Julio and Alina lived. Finally, the Operations guy from Cuzco came in to Lima to do something and he saw me and said, You were my mission president. He is Felipe Becerra. He is a counselor in the stake presidency in Cuzco, has two kids and works for the church too. I have not even had time to download the pictures. I taught a marriage class Wed and didn't get home until 10:00 with all the questions. Last night we had a PEF class and got home late too. It has turned cold and we are wearing matching alpaca black coats--they are really spiffy looking.

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