Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ed & Kylee Norton

Eddie & Kylee Norton came to Peru on a PEF internship and are working crazy hard. Kylee is teaching english in a school and working at PEF and Eddie is working Micro-Loans, in finances at PEF, helping us with training, talks, presentations, teaching classes at institute etc. They were married almost l year ago. Eddie was a missionary in Bolivia. Kylee did time abroad in France. They attend Utah State but we still love them. The tents in the background show that people in Pisco are still living in tents even a year after the earthquake. Grim.


The Nortons said...

Thanks for adding us to your blog! Its about time we all got a picture together. My parents have been wanting to see what you tow looked like.


Scott said...

Small world. Eddie Norton (if he's the same Eddie Norton) was my neighbor when I lived in the Orem Heatheridge Stake. Great kid, great family. Say hello to him for me. (Scott Zimmerman)