Monday, June 9, 2008


That was a real trip home. We had 12 hours in Atlanta and actually got a room for 6 hours of sleep. When we got here in Lima, two of our bags didn't make it. Hopefully they will come tonight. My talk at the national symposium of Mental Health went well. Glad to have it done. We leave in the morning after my meeting with the Area President to Chincha, Pisco and Canete to give classes and sign people up for the constructions loans. Then on Thursday we head to the North and I have 7 classes, firesides or training sessions in 5 stakes in 3 days, plus one day travelling. By next Monday we should be back with pictures and all to make this a little more interesting. The trip home was wonderful. Thanks to all of you.


Craig said...

Glad all is well. It was good to see you again. Ty is looking forward to his trip.

Kristine said...

It was wonderful for you and Connie to be able to come home for Tami's funeral. It is still a little surreal. We love you both and grateful for your sacrifice and all that you are accomplishing. Thank you! Phil & Kris PS. Hope you got your luggage in time.