Sunday, August 24, 2008

Randon Mission Stuff

Doug and Gil Greer. This is the same pose that we had in the mission 41 years ago. It is strange that we could continue to be so totally dominated by the opening of a letter so many years ago that said we were called to the Andes Mission. That one act has been the basis of so many things. Things like being called to be a bishop at 30 in a Ward with Latins, a mission president and years of home teaching latins. It probably has something to do with my years of going to Mexico. Our the course of our life centers around that letter and the gospel. I have lived here in Lima for 5 years of my life. That is strange. The second picture is a combi. It is a small bus that we use everyday to go to the office and around the city. We like travelling this way and it is inexpensive.


Walker Family said...

Hi Doug and Connie,
We like to snoop on your blog occasionally and see how your mission is going.
We have a question for a missionary. He is from Peru and is serving in the Ogden Utah North Mission. If you have a second, could you email us?
Eric and Tammy Walker

duke of earl said...

That combi looks pretty nice...

Jeanne said...

Dear E&S Earl,
We enjoy your blog. You are right that family and the gospel are everything. No need to tell you how Doyle's mission has effected his/our life. He gets to speak Chinese now and then and of course is doing very well with Japanese too!
We stay busy and life is good. The Lord continues to bless us!! Love you two! Jeanne

Murry said...

Wow! What I find when surfing the internet. Great to see President and Sister Earl back in Peru.

Murry Morris