Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tuesday you get pizza's, 2 for l price. So now we have the volunteers eating pizza on tuesdays. They were having a training session while they were eating but we just ate and keep on working. Mom was loving it. In the evening we did pizzas again when Miguel Rodriguez and his three kids came over to eat with us. These people ate 3 large pizzas, with Mom and I not contributing much to the whole eating thing. Afterwards we had hot fudge sundaes and they ate that too. I got the feeling they thought they might never get this opportunity again. Miguel Rodriguez was a fantastic missionary and he is doing good.


ashleyboice said...

Funny how a thing like 2 for one pizzas really makes me miss you guys. Love you

Murry said...

President and Sister Earl, It's great to see the two of you back in Peru. What a suprise when I found your family page on the net. Drop me an email when you get the chance.

Murry Morris

Angelique said...

Pizza?! Hmmm..that be something I eat A LOT of when we're down there.

Kathy Perrins said...

I wonder if that would be enough pizza to satisfy even Clark.
We were at the Wyoming game, well Glenn was, I was sick. We are so proud of you and the work you are doing.