Monday, September 1, 2008

Puerto Maldonado

Connie and I spent the last three days in the jungle. We spoke in two sacrament meetings and gave two training sessions, Saturday Night and Sunday night. There wasn't a whole lot in the city other than this good experience with the members. We found an elder that had mental problems after the mission, but we visited him and his mom who had just lost her 80 year old husband. The people have waited a long time for the fund to come here and we were it and they loved us. It was cool. We had a BYU ballgame on the tube for our FHE group tonight, complete with hot fudge sundaes and carmel popcorn.


Kathy Perrins said...

Glenn says did you get sweaty palms? How did you see the game? Sling box?

Brett said...

Love the blog. Go mighty Cougars. ;)