Friday, January 2, 2009

Sam's Baptism Chapel

Mom and I went over to the La Molina Vieja Chapel to get a picture for Samantha as this was the place we all attended for church and where Samantha was baptized. It looks different now and there are a lot of houses around it. It is pretty hemmed in. We go to another chapel now. We are ready for the new year. Everyone has been off for awhile and we have been here by ourselves. We are ready for Justin, Angelique, Cali and Joey to come down. I am not sure about another trip to Cusco but we are ready to visit with them. I cannot get into the football games this year. They are not compelling. Also, it was a little disappointing that nobody responded to my email concerning fantasy football. Mike was the only one that had something to say. What good does it do to trash talk if nobody responds? I don't think I will play fantasy football next year. (now you all can fight for first rather than for second) Love Dad


Samantha said...

Dad thanks for the picture! And don't sound so down about football. You know you rock and you know all the boys loved the trash talking!

duke of earl said...

Oh please...we all talked about it quite a bit. I even shared the trash talking with some friends, but its like Isaac was saying, "What are we supposed to respond, thanks send me a copy of the video?" Your record has been fantastic...and your luck is immeasurable.

Scott said...

That's the church we attend now, squeeking benches, out-of-tune piano and all. The members are wonderful, albeit undermanned (and I use that politically incorrect term on perpose).

As for football, it's always a downer season when the Utes do better than the Cougars. I'm glad the Utes won, but it won't help with the Cougar-Ute recruiting battles over the next couple years.

Elder Zimmerman

John & Peggy said...

What a neat thing to do for Sam and her book of memories. We do enjoy reading your blog; we, of course, can't comprehend so many baptisms you and the other missionaries experiences in that part of the world, Bulgaria is still in a nymph stage of development. At least we hope it will grow a little bigger. Keep up the inspiring work; including cheering for the "Y". Love, John and Peggy.