Wednesday, February 11, 2009

About Pancakes

We are down here in Peru but many of my family members do things together when they can. I just got done looking at the pictures of the family eating pancakes at KaeLyn and Jason's house. It was wonderful to see Angelique and her expanding self, the kids together, Lucy and Linh taking a picture together and the grandchildren. This is the best time of my life to be able to see what wonderful people you have all become. Joey showed a lot of concern to find opportunities for Cortney and Ashley. The kids travel together and get together. We love it. We are going to be home soon and we will participate in everything that we can. Michael took the news of his homecoming so well and is so positive always. It just does not matter what what the situation is, you guys always have such a good attitude. The world has it's issues, but they will become opportunities for us as a family. Hang in there.

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Earl Family said...

Oh Daddy. We missed you. We had a wonderful time and I plan on hosting a little pancake party once a month. I want our children to play together and get to know each other a little more. I am excited for you to start joining us. For now, we will just have you there in spirit.