Sunday, February 15, 2009

Elder Richard Zambrano

This is a welfare training meeting for 6 stakes. Elder Richard Zambrano, a 70, told me to leave it him to get a crowd to my training meeting in Chiclayo. We could not even seat everyone. It was unbelievable. People were there 30 minutes early and we had them in the halls. When this was over, we had a young adult conference that I did not plan on speaking in as noone has mentioned it. The two stake presidents from this meeting asked me to be the keynote speaker in between meetings with 50 minutes to speak. It was the most fun I have had a several months--the adrenalin was flowing. This crowd was no me, this I owed to my ex assistent now general authority. I had 4 missionaries here, Munoz, Delia Ramirez, Wilson Bustamante and Zoraida Ravichagua. It was great. Connie and I are tourist in the morning for a day. We are going to see the ruins of Our Lord de Sipan.


Captain Emus said...

I bet you had them rolling in the aisles. You were made to do this!

Captain Emus said...

Dad, that was me Cali, not Joey...although I'm sure he would concur.