Saturday, February 28, 2009


Angel Rivera and Cesar Cuadros here in Pucallpa. We went as tourists to see the 4 chapels in Pucallpa and found two of my 3 missionaries here cleaning up the church. Cesar is a bishop and Angel was a bishop and is now the counselor. Rivera reminded me of a funny story. When he was ready to report to the mission he had an accident and was hurt. He was a lifelong member and thought he better put off the mission until he was better. He called me to see what I thought and I told him: "Elder, is it better to die at home or die in the mission." He came to the mission. After a short time here he was healed. Cesar was one of my first surprize assistants because he was super quiet but a very hard worker. The mission made him. Pucallpa now has 400,000 people, l stake, 4 chapels and it is still hot. Everywhere you look there are mototaxis. Chapel Kennedy was our only chapel. It was two stories but has been remodeled to add a lot of building to it. The other chapel had two missionaries there, one, Elder Stewart from Las Vegas was in the MTC with us.

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duke of earl said...

pucallpa is the bomb...those moto taxis are a must for long walks. that's where i really got good at throwing a top...i bet i wouldn't recognize anything