Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Monday, one of my missionaries, Jose Sequieros invited us to FHE. We were tired but we made an effort and went. They fixed us Anticuchos, and Papa a la Huancayino AND Choclo (corn). Very traditional and among my old favorites. Then neighbors started showing up for FHE. Two families just baptized, an RM from Chile, two ladies and their kids that were long time members and the missionaries. Jose proceeded to show a video about the conversion story of Wilford Woodruff (I had seen it once about 10 years ago). As family members know, Wilford was baptized by our great, great, great grandfather Zera Pulsipher. I said "that missionary was my Tataabuelo." After the video, Jose asked me to talk about Zera and the conversion story of Wilford. It gave me a chance to talk about missionaries of the family from Great grandpa Kenneth who left his family when dad was a young man to serve a mission, to my dad Ken and his missions, plus Jason, Justin, Isaac and Michael. Turned out to be a real missionary moment. What a great spirit we felt, plus the love we have for those missionaries that worked so hard with us in the mission really came back to us. We came back to the house with a different attitude than the attitude that we had going over there. This is a picture of us together with our missionary.


Keith Cutler said...

Missionary work is a foundational component of the gospel and a prominent feature in the lives of all saints who are striving to do His will.

Kathy said...

What a heart warming story! Glad you were rewarded for your efforts.

Crisdee said...

Happy Birthday COnnie... Love you lots...!!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!