Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just a quick note on Saturday morning and afternoon conference. This was our first time sitting in conference in the new conference center. We were right down front as they do this kind of thing for mission presidents when they return or when they leave. We saw Elder Godoy, Amado, Pratt, and Andres Ramos, Xavier Gonzalez, Phillipe and Regala Kradolpher, Orisis Cabral and many people that we have known over the years. The messages were excellent and we stayed at Sylvia and Ernies, which was special. Eric Smith gave us a parking pass to a place a block or two from the conter and we ate mexican tacos from a stand set up on the corner between sessions. It was a magical day. Came back to Lindon just in time to go to the priesthood session with Joey. Great day.


Tom Earl said...

Gail and I had a great trip to Boston and made it in time back to watch conference on Sunday. I always love conference!


I have so enjoyed reading about your mission. What great examples you bnth are. I think you look younger with every do you do that Connie?

drrhoward said...

!Felicitaciones comp! We are applying to be temple missionaries in Guayaquil. Roy Howard