Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Trips in One Day

Five trips to the Airport. This time we are doing French. From the Left to Right: Zobori from Paris going to France. Our teacher, RM Elodie Dethelet, Elder Koegler from Canada here from Russia working on a visa, Elder Mayer from France going to France (obviously German, 24, with his degree, and speaking 4 languages) Duarte from Portugal (speaking 3 languages going to Brussels), Montulet from Brussels, going to France and Sautron from Paris going to Brussels . Ernie's partner Scott Brubaker is the mission president for two of them. We will mostly teach in French this week, with Connie and I teaching in English. Very little Spanish for the next 3 weeks. In three weeks we get 10 sister missionaries and 4 Elders.


Anonymous said...

Too much excitement so far...hope Connie is feeling black eye! Poor girl! We think of you often and enjoy following your new adventures! Love you!

Tom Earl said...

Have to say that you both look fabuloso!!