Thursday, February 4, 2010

Italians and Spaniards

Our three missionaries from Italy going to Italy and our 2 americans and l El Salvadorian going to Spain missions. We went to the temple today again and I did the veil in Italian and Spanish and English. We went a second session with the teachers too. Great day. This temple is off the charts in beauty. Next week Daniel is going to take me up into the tower of the temple (where our buddy Moroni is hanging out) to get some pictures from there. All this and ice cream bars on Sunday too. Purpari and Catalano are from big families and have been members all their lives pretty much. Duque was converted 5 years ago but baptized 2 years ago (he called the elder that taught him from Idaho and had him fly over to Rome to baptize him) Sis. Smith is the granddaughter of Daniel Ludlow, one of my heros. Sis Montes de Oca's parents are in Japan but just moved from 2 blocks from where our new house in Gilbert is located. Sis Ramirez waited in El Salvadore for 7 months for her visa. Then was given 2 days to get ready to fly to Madrid. She arrived without her luggage, has been here two weeks and now has to fly to London for 3 days to work on the visa and then she will be back on Monday and in her mission in Malaga by Thursday. Crazy stuff here.


vjc said...

I believe every one has a story. (and could write a book)

vjc said...

you are looking really good