Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cervante's Don Quixote

Cervante's (author of Don Quixote) birthplace is Alcala de Henares, about 20 miles north of us in Madrid. Shown here the longest portico street in Europe, Cervantes Park and the house where de was born. The national Arqueological Museum is here plus a lot of nice places to eat and shop. As we were leaving town to go back to the MTC and eat, we passed a Tony Romas so we will try that out when someone comes to see us. Great place that is close and a good place to shop. Notice also the new hat. It is a sweet one. See you all soon.


Kathy said...

It's all sweet! We have had quite the ride with Glenn's eyes this past wee! They are almost back to normal. We can hardly wait our turn to come and see you two! Dan and Shelly will be our coaches. Glad they could go!

Earl Family said...

Awesome pictures dad. I am still trying to find a time to talk to you on skype. When is the best time on Sunday to reach you?

Angelique said...

At first glance I thought some weirdo had his arm around her. haha.

How fun to be able to travel around and see the sights.

Love the hat. My dad is in to those hats, too.