Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 24th Group we are sending out

This is our group that is leaving this next Tuesday. This is our biggest group and the first group speaking Spanish. Our counselor Sprouls leave on Tuesday and the missionaries here leave then too. Elder Pyne is from California, Bajana is Ecuatorian living in Spain 10 years, Keller from Utah then Arcelles from Julio's ward in Lima but he has been here 10 years. Then Johansen and his parents are the mission parents in Norway. Quiroz has lived in Italy ten years and in going to Italy but he is from Chorillos in Lima and is a lifetime member. The back row is Guerra (my missionaries baptized her parents in Chilca Huancayo) and she has lived in Sweden for 10 years, then Gonzales from Bolivia that has lived in Spain 11 years, then Garcia from Bolivia who has been in Madrid over 10 years. Then Cannuci from Italy, who is 27 and has been a member 6 years. She is going to Madrid and learning Spanish. Sis Skouson is from Vegas and is going to Barcelona and doing great--good singer and plays the piano. Then Hidalgo and Benitez, lifetime members of the church from here in Spain. Then there is Marin who is a lifetime member from Spain, then Londono from Colombia that has been here 2 years and then Millan, her best friend who was born in the church too. Great group. When you have this few missionaries, you really get to know them and love them. We are going to be able to go anywhere in Europe and have missionaries to look up. It will be great. Love you all at home. Thought it would be cool to see our great missionaries.


Earl Family said...

What a good looking bunch.

Peggy Dee said...

It looks like the church is in good hands! We miss you!!

Jason Earl said...

Go Mormons!