Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cramers and Kents

Aren't they cute? Kris Cramer and Connie at Segovia.

Phil and Kris came to visit us at the end of their 3 week trip to Europe to check out their mission assignment in Switzerland in October. We had such a good visit. What wonderful members of our family.
I always like to visit this castle where Ferdinand and Isabella la Catolica put the country of Spain together. I want to bring home a suit of armour but I have not convinced anyone it is a good idea.

Barry and Holly Kent and their boys came to visit Spain and stayed with us just one day but they were having a good time visiting Pres. Watkins at the Madrid mission. The Watkins were their friends in California. Aubrey is married and Victoria gets married this summer.


ashleyboice said...

I love the Cramers! Looks like fun.

Earl Family said...

Man I miss you guys.

I want to go to Spain.

Jason Earl said...

For the record I think that a suit of armor would be a great idea.