Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gil and Pam Greer

Meson de Candido, very famous restaurant in Segovia. Mom, Dad, Jeff, Connie and I ate here in 1978 when we picked up Jeff. This is where you get roasted piglet. Very good stuff.

This is our first visit to LA GRANJA the palace of French King Phillip V turned Spanish king. He wanted this house to resemble his place in France.
Lots of water here so lots of fountains.

The back of the palace reminds one of the back of Hampton Court in England.

More gardens. Good friends, good food, visits, lots of sunshine, the church is true--how much better does it get?


angie said...

all of these places that you have gone, look so unbelievably fantastic!!

Angelique said...

Umm..I want to go to that house, too. However, I'm okay passing on the roasted piglet. :)

Tom Earl said...

Espana..........I love the fact that you have lots of friends coming to see you!