Tuesday, July 27, 2010

VALENCIA and more

Connie and I spoke at a Young Adult Conference in Valencia, one of Jeff's old cities.

As part of the conference the kids were taken to the biggest museum in the area. The weather was incredibly hot but the place where we gave the talks was a senate like conference center with all the amenities.

We had a Hawaiian feast with the Senior missionaries. Sis Smith sang and we all ate.

I had to post a picture of my biggest group that just left this morning. Five went to Italy and 19 went to Spain. Antensen, Vane, Mattice, Talbot, Pastano, Earls, Stokes, Tinoco, Parrish, Marino, 2nd Rasmussen, Hanson, Stowell, Lloyd, Harris, Masterson, Anderson, Booher, Martherus, Pratt, Holub, Morrison, Rhead, Croese and Armenise

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Angelique said...

Wow, it looks so pretty there. And, that food doesn't look bad either. :)