Saturday, January 15, 2011


Connie and I took 2 1/2 days and took the 200 mph tren to Malaga, then a bus to Marbella. We met up with Ken & Ruthie Skousen, Chuck and Diane Eberhart and Dick and Sandy Merrill at the Marriott at Marbella (Jeff you can trade RCI for this place). We got there late Thursday. Friday we spent the day at the rock of Gibraltar, an English country that is 1 mile by 3 miles and it is one gigantic rock. They have like 36 miles of tunnels in the rock from WWII. It is 15 miles from Morocco. Africa and Spain are just across the strait from each other. Incredible. Connie had fish and chips and it was really English. We loved it. From Malaga in both directions aong the Southern coast of Spain it is one big resort. It is like seeing 300 miles of Mazatlan. The buildings were very similar and of course Connie had to go put her feet in the ocean and watch the sun go down. It had everything but the good MAZ food!!!

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Earl Family said...

Love the pictures. Amazing!

I could use a trip to Mazatlan right now...