Saturday, August 13, 2011

Elder CA

I have not blogged for awhile. Yesterday I was listening to the conversation story of Elder Ca, born in Senegal and from some country called Guinea Bissau. He had come to the MTC with a suitcase the size of a carry on. Because of having to get a passport, having to get a visa and a number of other things, it had taken him 9-10 to get here after getting his mission call to Portugal from Cape Verde. He has been a member for two years, is 22 and was the elder's quorum president there in Cape Verde. He was explaining to me how he finally got his papers and was then given a couple of days to report to Lisbon to start his mission. He was so happy and he was having his farewell with the family with whom he was living. They each were hugging him and asking for a picture or something to remember him by. He said, the young boy who was a priest and who was preparing to go on a mission is doing so good. I had two suits so I gave him one of mine. The other young boy is such a good boy and I gave him a suit and tie. I knew Elder Ca had been in the mission for 7 weeks (and he has baptized every single week during that 7 week period-- 28 baptisms so far in his short mission) He had to come to the MTC to learn to baptize...I don't think we have anything to teach him about that. But he also needed to go through the temple and we can teach him a little doctrine. No wonder he did not have a suitcase. We will get him some stuff here for when he goes back to Portugal in 2 more weeks. The missionaries come from the states with so much stuff.


Mama Tales said...

How terrifically humbling and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

The light radiates from him.

Nana said...

President Earl,
My son, Elder Bookstaber, told me Elder Ca is his hero. He also said you are the best teacher he has ever had! He loves everything he is learning from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, you are making a real difference in the lives of these young missionaries. May the Lord bless you in abundance for your service.