Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Copenhagen

I wanted to add a little about Copenhagen. Two of our Roylance ancesters, specifically Valentine Valentinsen (Wallenstin Wallenstinsen and Margathe Kofoed) were from the Island of Tingsted Denmark and were baptized in 1851, l year after the Church was introduced in Denmark. Danish was the second language that the Book of Mormon was translated into and there were about 20,000 Saints that came to Utah. The Christus (1839) was the work of Bertel Thorvaldsen who died the same year as Joseph Smith (1844) The Carl Bloch paintings of Christ are found in the Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod Denmark. The castle was erected in 1560. The KRISTINA statute by Dennis Smith from Alpine Utah was unveiled in 2000 by Elder Russell M. Nelson and it represents the saints that came out of Denmark and looked towards the West for their new home. Finally the Denmark Temple was dedicated in 2004 by Pres. Hinckley and was made from an existing church. There is much more temple below the street level than above it.


Angelique said...
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Angelique said...

I think Justin took the young men to the Carl Bloch paintings while they were here at BYU. I tried going with my mom but the wait was super long.

Nathan said...

Hello, my known family line on my father's side only goes back to my great great grandfather, Peter Wallenstinsen who was, apparently, from Norway. His son, Leo, my great grandfather, moved to the US at some point and changed his last name to Valentine. He had one son that I know of who was my Grandpa Leonard Valentine. My grandpa then had two boys, one of which was Thomas Jay Valentine, my dad. I am hoping these names might tie into some of your family ties, which might provide me a way to continue my genealogy work beyond my great great grandfather. If so, will you please contact me at the email address to which this comment is attached? Thank you!