Thursday, October 6, 2011

16 French and3 Spain Missionaries

I know this is boring but when you get a chance to train 16 missionaries going to the two missions of France and 3 going to Spain all in one shot you know that you will have a connection with those countries for the next two years. The missionaries send us letters and tell us what they are doing and then we know what is happening in those countries. We have these people now in Russia, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Romania and a couple of south American countries. Nine of these missionaries were born in the covenant, the rest converts. Two of these are italians assigned to France, a Romanian and New Zealander assigned to Spain, a Cambodian going to France, and several are Tahitians that are French speaking and have French passports. Elder Tromeur's parents (Father French and Mother italian) met at BYU and they decided to move to the country of the first one of them that got a job, i.e. they ended up in Italy where the Mom first found a job. Each missionary has a story. Two of these missionaries, L'Homel and Gouttin, from France have baby pictures taken of them together, although they have not lived close to each other for many years. (They also are 18 and are the first French missionaries called at 18 under our new guidelines over here). They come from 9 different countries. They all are here with a similar goal. We will really miss this association with these young people from all of these countries. When they come I look up their houses on google earth and we really see where they come from and try to talk about what their life was like. We get really close. On a less nostalgic note, I really like this picture because it really shows off my pink tie.

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