Sunday, January 1, 2012

All About Eating

Starting at the left: Jona Neidhard (teacher) can eat more than any human I have ever met. Sister Dremeaux is going to Paris, Miguel Motta is from Portugal but served in Paris and is a teacher. Christian Bruno is our other Italian teacher. ME: old, fat and tired. Elder Aldo Pauari from Tahiti gave me a necklace that I can just barely stand up under. When he hugged me the shells crashed into my chest and almost punctured my lungs. Elder Curzola is from the north of Italy on the border with Austria and goes to Rome. Christmas in the MTC is about letting the staff and cooks off and having Pres and Sister Earl do all the cooking, cleaning and all that other stuff. This is very nostalgic because that is what it is all about at home too. We did crepes for the 24th, and we did a full on turkey dinner for Sunday the day of Christmas (we invited the Ebys, Eberhards and Pres and Sister Tenney). For the New Years weekend we did Dominos pizza and then on Sunday Fetticini. We stayed up until midnight although it was hard to find things to do. One week left.
OH YES, go cougs.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, go Cougs! I agree! What a bowl game! See you soon.

Earl Family said...

I can't believe it.

Less than a week. YAHOO!!!

Kristine and Philip said...

Doug, I was just going to write you an email to tell you that we met Jona Neihard at Singles' Ward in Zurich last week but decided to check your blog first. (Actually I remembered his name was Jona but didn't ask his last name and so I was saved by checking it first.) We are thrilled for you and Connie. Don't forget us missionaries still in the field...let us know how you're doing from time to time! Love ya, P&K/E&S Cramer