Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Changes at Easy Street

Take a look at these two pictures and tell me what has changed.  Yes, Merle showed up this morning and took out ONE scrub.  Thank goodness it wasn't two.  Then he crushed the satelite dish with his mini backhoe and no more dish.  Mom's roses are blooming and we are ready for guests.  Sam and the kids are going to come Friday and Mike and Allie will come sometime this next week.  We start as Columbia River Temple workers on Saturday and we will learn English and Spanish and serve during the time we are here.

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duke of earl said...

Perhaps you can use the pole from the dish to serve as a base for a bronze statue you could commission. Perhaps of you and mom, but dressed in pioneer clothing or something (but I wouldn't be sad if as part of your gear you have your Indiana Jones hat on...that would be fine).