Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Deal

This is the picture that every parent wants. All seven children and 6 spouses attended the Timp Temple when Linh and Michael got their endowments on September 28th, 2007. We spend our whole lives trying to impress friends and family and trying to accomplish something important. When it comes down to it, being eligible to go to the temple is the major wish that you parents have for you in your life. I think it is about all your heavenly parents desire of you too.


ashleyboice said...

I thought it was the best what a great feeling to be in the temple with all the family. Plus two grandma's and some aunts and uncles. One of my favorite nights so far.

Lindsay said...

What a special day! I imagine it is the best feeling in the world to have all your children together in the temple for the first time, especially since you'll be going on your mission soon. I hope Jared and I will be able to raise a wonderful family like you both have and someday all be able to be at the temple together too.

Chuck & Sharon Waller said...

Great picture Doug & Connie. It is a great feeling and right up there is going to the temple with someone you have introduced to the gospel! You are going to have a wonderful experience together in the Mission field. We only wish more couples would recognize the need and the blessings that come from the sacrifice and service. Love you both.