Thursday, October 25, 2007

Honda Hybrid for Sale

Well, we have a honda hybrid for sale and now it won't have any knicks or dents. They will all be fixed. The bad news is that we will have to go to Eagle Colorado to get the car when it is finished being repaired (if they don't total it). The good news is that Mike and his friends are all ok and thanks to Justin, back at BYU going to school. With a few weeks until Mike's mission, we are hoping that we don't have to have any other problems. We feel fortunate that the children have been protected in all of their various road trips. We recogize the the brain doesn't always function correctly when we are contemplating whether we should take a road trip, and again definately thereafter when we have taken one and are driving in inclement weather. Grandma Earl laughed as soon as she assured herself that everyone was ok. She thinks it is justice that my children have car troubles while traveling. Life is good and we are all blessed.

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