Sunday, October 14, 2007

Schedule for Nov., Dec. & January

Several people asked about our schedule. Here it is. We work until October 31st, although Connie will be in NY the last week in Oct. From Nov. 1st to the 10th, we will be in Provo. We will be home Nov. 11 to the 16th. From then until Dec. 2 we are on the Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon in Guatemala-Mex. Dec. 3rd we are home for a couple of days and then we take Grandma Jones and head to Provo to put Mike in the MTC on the 12th of Dec. and then on South to Las Vegas, Mesa (to drop Grandma off and to see Vickie & Keith, Coombs and others). Sometime after that we will drive to Mazatlan for Christmas with the kids (oh yes, KaeLynn is having a baby around the time Mike goes into the MTC and we will be there for that). We will have Christmas in Mazatlan and stiay at least until the 8th of Jan, probably longer and then make the 3 day drive to Moses Lake. We should be here about l day. We have a reception with Linh and Isaac in Denver the 19th of January and will be back around the 21st of Jan. We will be here l or 2 days and then drive down to the MTC to get started on the mission. All and all, we are here for 16 more days and then we will be here 6 days in Nov., 6 days in Dec. & 3 in Jan.


Chuck & Sharon Waller said...

Iam tired reading your travel time. Wow a mission will be a piece of cake. We are excited for your call and the opportunity it affords the youth. PEF is a great program. Will you be located in the Area Office or on your own? Is some one going to live in your home? Who is watching over the building? We are fast approaching the half way pooint in our mission. Somedays are longer than others. Take care and say hi to everyone.

Craig said...

So.... what do you guys do in all your spare time?
Doug, you would think you were YELLOW !!!!
Happy travels

mom and dad said...

Congrats to you both. Sounds like your life is full. Happy times to you. Floy and RaeDean