Saturday, November 10, 2007

Peru Again?

So we are about 1/2 hour into a 2 1/2 hour visit with Elder Richard Cook and he says: "I need you in Peru. Peru has twice as many loans and the management is floundering. I need you to go solve my problems in Lima. You would be dynamite in Peru." We talked some more and Elder Camack came in and joined in the discussion. We don't know where we are going for sure, but we still report Jan. 28th with l week in the MTC and l in SLC.


Chuck & Sharon Waller said...

Well I can always put a bid in for you to come and run the PEF here in the west European Area. Since Cape Verde is the only part of the Area that has PEF. I think we now have about 30 students country wide, still early in the game. Isn't it great to be in such demand? You'll do great where ever you are places. PS how is David doing?

mumovearls said...

hey we just heard the News! Congrats this is Exciting? Is IT? well we'll get an update tomorrow at dinner!-nena