Monday, January 28, 2008

MTC, Moses Lake Stake & Pres. Hinkley

Jan. 27th will always be an easy date to remember. Moses Lake Stake has a new stake presidency with Reid Baker, Mark Poth and Glenn Perrins, all good friends and great people. We blessed Abigail Earl, daughter of KaeLynn & Jason Earl. President Hinkley, our beloved prophet, has joined Marjorie and left us. Pres. Monson, now 80, will be a wonderful prophet, but we will miss Pres. Hinkley. We were with some of our family and missionary comp Gil Greer last night when we got the news. It will be a memory that will stay with us. We enter the MTC today. I guess this is all about the Church and our wonderful leaders, bishops, stake presidents, teachers, friends, family, missionary comps, missions, service, love, and the example set for us by Jesus Christ. We are all truly blessed to be friends and family.

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Julio & Alina said...

We had a wonderful conference session this past weekend. The Spirit of the Lord was there, and I am sure the Lord was with our Seventy member to make the right decision.
Our best wishes to you on your mission. We'll pray for you and your safety as well as Michael's.
Hasta la vista!
Love you, Julio & Alina