Monday, February 18, 2008

Ana Vilchez and Family

In 1967 Gil Greer and I baptized Ana & Melquiedes Vilchez. They still live at 2055 28 de Julio. This morning I was in the same room where we taught them the discussions. They had 5 children. Four of them are here. Bro Vilchez died last year. He had been a bishop 4 times and was a temple sealer when he died. Pepi (2nd top left) is the Bishop of Porvenir. They have 4 children. Edison (3rd top left) lives in Tacna and has been a bishop. China is married to 1st top left and he was a mission comp with Pepi. Carina (last on top right) is married to the Stake Pres. of San Luis Stake Pdte Moscoso and they have 4 children. Beto and his four are not here but he has a child entering the mission to Colombia next week.

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