Monday, February 18, 2008

Chosica Stake President

Bishop Solarzano, husband of my missionary Luz Maximiliano, Connie, Doug, President Quilmer Aguero and wife Elizabet Heath Aguero of Chosica Stake. Three great missionaries living and working in Chosica. Agueros have 6 children and Luz has two. This was our first training session for Stake presidents and bishops.

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Julio & Alina said...

We are so glad the Lord is keeping you comfortable so you can do the work for our brs and sis in Peru. It is so exciting to see so many peruvian happy faces... specially the people you baptized...!!
I'll make sure Crisdee takes some Miracle Whip for you when she goes.. hehehe
Love you guys! Keep writing... please,
Alina & Julio