Monday, April 7, 2008


We are seen here with 3 of our missionaries Angulo, Paredes and Sequieros at Fundet. Fundet is the invention of a Bro. Clark from California and set this up to offer 5 vocations to 115 men a year. At the end of the year 85% already have a job and 95% have a job within 3 months of completion. These are vocations like the prophet envisioned. Fundet pays them their bus fare to come and is based upon service to the community. When these men get done, they have no debt. It costs Fundet about $3,500 for each person trained but they operate in Guatemala, Ecuador and Lima. I was really impressed by them and I have three of my missionaries involved here (Paredes is an employee) The Perpetual Education Fund is only available until you are 31 so my missioanries cannot get in on it. Great program.


Earl Family said...

We love to see that you are continually doing well. Great pictures! Keep them coming. We thrive on them :)

JC MORALES said...

Gracias por todo la ayuda que me brindaron amigos, gracias espero algun dia hacer los mismo por mi projimo, se que el SeƱor nos pone a las personas idoneas en nuestro camino, en los momentos que mas necesitas ahi esta alguien para ayudar gracias amigos de FUNDET