Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Most Productive two Weeks

We just finished a two week period of time where the Area President is in the United States, everyone around here is on vacation, and school starts for most students in August. We had an unprecedented number of loan requests, plus we are working on an education project in the earthquake zone that requires a lot of hands on attention. With everyone gone, it really became a thing of just doing it myself. I do not know the final count but I processed, approved and communicated with in excess of 210 loans during the last couple of weeks. We did 184 loans all of last year. We are up to 500+ new loans plus we process the ongoing renewals which would be a whole lot more. We are both very busy and ready for school to start. We are looking forward to seeing some of you in a week or so.


Earl Family said...

Amazing. We are so proud of your hard work. Thank you for all you do. Can't wait to see you.

Scott said...

How gratifying to read of the progress of the PEF and of other work in Peru! I hope the people around you appreciate all your hard work.

Glenn said...

Hello Elder and Sister Earl,

This is Glenn Lamb. Veronica and I are almost ready... we report to the MTC on Aug 25. I have enjoyed reading your blog and plan to start our own - a great way to communicate with family and friends.
We are looking forward to getting to Peru and it sounds like we won't be a minute too soon!
I'd like to talk to you and your wife again sometime in the next week or two to firm up any details about our arrival, living situation, etc. We also have a couple of additional questions.
When would be a good time?


shelly said...
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John & Peggy said...

Wow!, that's a whole school of kids you processed. I don't know what Peggy and I would do if we had that many kids in the whole country of Bulgaria to deal with in instutite, but we'd sure like the challenge. You couple are something else.
Love ya,
John and Peggy