Sunday, July 20, 2008

My little missionary and the lost bricks

We spent a few more days in

the earthquake zone. The first house is one that is waiting for the roof to dry. The second is the house they are making for my missionary. Ysabel has 5 kids, 3 are in a youth house in Ica going to school because she doesn't have a house. She has been living in a tent for a year. They have started her house. She left her 12 year old daughter and her autistic 14 year old son who doesn't speak to come to the church and sign her loan papers to take electrician, bricklaying and plumbing classes and while she was gone, people stole 3 of her bricks. She will have them all in her tent by morning. I took her home and took these pictures. She is the one in the red shirt. The bishop and the neighbor who baptized her are also in the picture. Great people. Love working with them.

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