Saturday, October 25, 2008

49 Graduates -Thanks Ernie & Gil

Ernie Smith and Gil Greer have helped my 28 graduates in Chincha (shown here) and my 21 graduates in Canete with a toolbox full of tools that they need to start working as electricians. This was the graduation party in Chincha on Thursday. The other pictures from Canete will follow. The old guy in the front row filed out the application and said he was 61 but when he was contacted by the Call Center to set up his account, he said he was 72. Anyway, he finished the class with his son and he is able to pay it off at the beginning so all ends well. Alan and Leslie Layton are shown there too and they live in Chincha building the houses for the earthquake people. We have 16 more in Pisco in two weeks. Thanks Ernie and Gil.