Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Liliana Calderon Gamarra

Liliana was one of my lady missionaries from Huanuco. This is a picture of her son who left for Argentina today on his mission. Both his parents were missionaries and he was born in the covenant. She reminded me that when they came to the temple to be married in 1989, they had failed to get their recommends for marriage as they only had their old recommends. They had to be married on the 19th of September because the temple was to be closed for a month and they had been married civilly that morning. They also were to have the reception that night. They were waiting at the temple and trying to find someone to solve the problem. We took a detour that morning by the temple (for what reason we cannot remember because they wasn't something that we did regularly) When they saw us, being that I had been her president, she told us of their problem. As the mission president I was the only person that COULD sign their recommend because they lived in the district of Huanuco. SO, I was able to sign their recommends and they were sealed on that day. We took pictures of that at the time and I have them. Another small miracle that happens daily.

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Earl Family said...

I love reading all of your mission stories. Keep them coming. Very inspiring!