Wednesday, March 11, 2009

16 MORE and What a Day

Luis Tejada (Con Stake Pres) Humberto Meza, Ivan Silva (High Coun) Romolo Guillen (Ex Stake Pres) Roccio Mendoza (Prof at U) Dember Mercado and Georgina Fernandez Mercado (Coun. Stake Pres), Rita Pena, Oscar Rivera (Bishop), Sorelinda Vera (Husband Stake Pres), Clelia Ordonez (Inst. Institute), Maximo Quinaya (HC), Hilda Huaman and Luis Zapana (Stake Ex. Secy). Two more Julio Valdeiglesias and Hilda Curampa were seen later. This is my group from Arequipa. I sent a portion of the kid's inheritance by taking them all to dinner, then we had a 3 hour visit and meeting that they had arranged. From there we went to a training session for the stakes and then this group showed up for a fireside. This group got the full meal deal entitled Missions, Marriage and Your Education. We were exhausted when this day was over. Just look at these ex missionaries. It was worth it then and now it is just "butter."


Kathy said...

Do you feel like you are living a dream?

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

This is not a real mission and it could not be duplicated. We are too spoiled to actually go on a real mission.