Monday, July 13, 2009

Coincidences and Connections

Saturday we went to the temple to the sealing of Jeny Uceda, the sister of my two missionaries Fidel and Willy Uceda. While there, my baptism from 42 years ago, Pablo Albarracin and his wife came in to view the same wedding. I was a witness and could not go over and talk to them until it was over. They sat on the grooms side. I knew the young man, from Chimbote, as Connie and I had given him a mission ending pep talk about staying active, getting married and getting his education in December of 2008. He was taking the advice and getting married. Anyway, after the sealing I asked Pablo and asked him why he was there. He said that Elder Chong was the missionary that activated his wife and got them sealed in the temple last year. So we are in a sealing with me as the witness and I have the mother of two of my missionaries there. She lost her husband 20 years ago and I had to go tell her two boys that their father had died. They were not only in my mission, but they just happened to be companions in the mission!!! They have both told me how blessed they were to be companions during that time. Then there is Jeny, a PEF student getting married, to a missionary that we had trained 6 months ago, and a baptism that I had 42 years ago, and a newly activated and sealed spouse to my baptism that Elder Chong, the groom had been responsible for a year earlier here in Lima on his mission. After the session, brother Albarracin told us his son had just married a non member in Madrid Spain, and he asked us to go over there and help convert her. Coincidences? I do not think so.


Angelique said...

Amazing...I'm starting to think about all of the people I know wondering if or when I will run into them again.

Kathy said...