Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keep em comin

When we first got here, one of my missionaries Juan Eliot Fernandez, had just died of cancer, leaving a wife and two kids. I have wanted to get over and visit with her but it did not get done until today. When I got there, I found out she was from Barrios Altos originally, my first area as a missionary 42 years ago. She said you know me, I was the young adult rep when you were mission president. Then she said, you baptized by brother 42 years ago (she had not been born yet when I was a missionary). My mom also talks about you. Her brother was the guy 20 years ago that worked at customs when I was trying to get my stuff out. If you dont know that story, ask me about it, because it is a good one. Anyway, we had a good visit. As we were getting ready to leave, another lady came in with her kids. She did a double take and said, you are President Douglas, right? As soon as she talked to me I knew I knew her. She said I was one of your missionaries Elizabeth Alfaro. Sure enough, her husband is the brother of my missionary Juan Eliot Fernandez and he served in the North mission at the same time and is now the bishop of the ward, married to my missionary Elizabeth Alfaro. We also had a great visit with them and their 3 kids. So TWO more lost sheep found with so little time left.


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On Saturday, you are going to run into some children that Mom actually gave birth to!!! It will be an amazing connection. Ha ha. Can't wait.

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Whoops, that was Cali posting, not Ash.