Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kiev Ukraine Temple Dedication

The Kiev Temple was finally dedicated, 12 years after it's announcement on August 29th, 2010. This is the first temple in the old Soviet Union. Brant Leavitt, originally from Leavitt Canada, and a relative, was there and then came here for 3 days to do a piece for Mormon radio on the temples.
We will be a part of that temple broadcast. Satan's power is greatly diminished by a temple. This gives us the first oasis in Russia.
The temple comes with 3 acres of mission, patron housing and other offices
The ring road around Kiev leaves locals sitting in traffic for 4-5 hours of stop and go traffic where they are forced to see this temple every day.


Samantha said...

Wow that's a pretty temple. I'm pretty sure josh bruce and his wife flew over and went to that dedication.

Cali said...

Wow, beautiful.

Pezlady Jana said...

President Earl,
You know how excited Mike and I are about this temple!! The wonderful things that will happen in that country are beyond my comprehension. We love Ukraine with all our hearts because of our beautiful girls and the fact that it is there birthplace. I love that you told how the traffic will have to stop and look at it everyday...when we were there adopting them, we had a couple such opportunities to sit and stare at where we knew the temple was going to be and it was exciting then and even more so now. Thanks for sharing this!!
love, Jana Sperry

Francoise Boden said...

I just wanted to kindly remark that this is an oasis in Ukraine not Russia. Culturally and historically the Ukrainians are very sensitive about this distinction. Ukraine is not Russia, therefore this oasis that the beautiful temple is not in Russia. Some Ukrainians, even members of the church, might take offense. Just my two cents. My husband works for Ukraine International Airlines and he knows quite a bit about Ukraine and the mindset having to work with Ukrainians all the time.