Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cute Story, Franco and Reis

So I am having my interview with Sister Reis from Portugal (orginally Angola), and I ask her how many kids in the family and she tells me 17-- Her dad has two wives. Then I ask her how long she has been a member and she tells me 10 years. Then I ask her if she left a boyfriend at home. She says, well I have a boyfriend and we are getting married, but I did not leave him at home. I said well where is he then? She says, he is here in the MTC. I said what? She said "my fiancee is Elder Franco" This is a picture of him. He has been a member for several years and his family was originally from Angola too. They both are from Portugal, and they both speak excellent English. They learned English going out with the missionaries. They are going to different missions but they just happen to be assigned to come to the MTC at the same time. They have behaved themselves, are very committed and very mature in their service. They both have fantastic smiles.


duke of earl said...

That is a neat story.

Samantha said...

I LOVE that story. I can picture your face exactly when she told you.