Friday, September 17, 2010

Richards & Thurmans

Bill and Sue Thurman, Barry and Margo Richards, and Connie at El Escorial.

Barry and Margo Richards are friends of ours from SLC that lived above us in Lima. They were on a temple mission and served in the presidency of the MTC in Lima. They came with Bill and Susan Thurman, Margo's brother. Just happens that Bill is the chief and presiding federal district judge of Utah AND we graduated together at the U of U from law school. They live in the avenues and know all my old law school people, plus most of the leaders of the Church. They are delightful and it has been wonderful getting to know them. They left this morning for Paris for a few days and when they come back I will post some of their pictures.

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Anonymous said...

We want to know more about the cars in the background!