Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in the MTC

This is our group for Thanksgiving dinner. The cooks did a great job of cooking sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy and something close to a pumpkin pie. I got up and gave the history of thanksgiving for my 15 spanish and 5 north americans. The MTC teachers and leaders were all there. We went to the temple in the morning and had a good session. HOWEVER, during the temple session I got very sick. When I went through the veil our Area President was there on a temple review visit. I was supposed to work the veil but I was about ready to pass out so I just looked at him and said, I am very sick. I got up to the apartment (that is the nice thing about living 3 minutes from the temple) and I immediately went to bed. Manuel, Daniel and Efrain came and gave me a blessing around noon and at l:00 I was up for about 30 minutes to give this speech. When I smelled the turkey, that was it. I was sick. I went to bed and went 36 hours before I even tried to eat a pear. This is the first Thanksgiving that I did not eat a single thing. Still haven't and it is Fridayafternoon. I am feeling a little better. I drove the group up to Segovia today and slept in the car while they went around the city. We wish you all a wonderful weekend.


ashleyboice said...

Dad I am so sorry that sounds horrible. Hmmm...well at least you don't have to do the post thanksgiving diet. hahaa. I love you!!

Cali said...

Ash always says the same thing I'm going to say. I was thinking about you yesterday, and wondering if you would be celebrating this holiday. I love you!

Kathy said...

Soooo sorry you were sick. What was it? Sometimes I get Vertigo, it comes on suddenly and I feel awful, I usually have to sleep it off. Glenn, Clark and I are in Kansas with Erik and his family I got a slight case of it on Wednesday. We are having our own drama here. Their 8 year old daughter was baptized on Tuesday. As Kristi was combing their 10 year old boy's hair, she found lice, oh the horror. We are all keeping our distance and hoping to escape it, Glenn of course has no worries. Hope you are feeling better.