Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well Connie finally got out of the MTC to do a little shopping. The Jones (to the right) talked us into going to the Plaza Mayor for their annual christmas exhibit and sale. Connie just got her hair cut and it was crisp and nice to be out. The streets were so crowded that it was hard to get around, but she was loving it. Watch for a Christmas present in the mail (Jason, Justin, Cali, Ashley, Samantha and Isaac--and spouses), except for Mike (his Christmas will be Spain). You can open it early if you like. We have not found anything here to buy so we will celebrate Christmas this year by thinking of each of you and recognizing the incredible life we have together as a family, the blessings we have always received by living the gospel and the hope we have for all of you to be together forever.


Angelique said...

She looks so happy to be out shopping. How fun.

We miss you but are so glad we were able to visit you. Thanks in advance for the gifts!

Earl Family said...

Mom looks totally in her element. I love it.

ashleyboice said...

Mmm..mom looks so happy. I love you guys.